Carnacki: Heaven and Hell (English Edition)

Carnacki: Heaven and Hell (English Edition) ist ein kostenlos herunterladbares Buch in EPUB, PDF und MOBI von Autor William Meikle

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Carnacki: Heaven and Hell (English Edition)

Carnacki: Heaven and Hell by William Meikle is the fourth entry in our ongoing Ghost House imprint. It includes six interior illustrations from artist Wayne Miller.

All new tales of William Hope Hodgson's Carnacki.

Meet an Edwardian occult detective who goes where no other gentleman will dare. Nine stories and a novella that take Carnacki deep into neolithic barrows ººº! into the crypts of ancient cathedrals and see him fighting the elemental powers of darkness on his own terms.

The Blooded Iklwa: A malevolent spirit is intent on blood. Can Carnacki identify the source of the attacks and stop the Zulu blade from its nightly haunting? Or will his client be forced to suffer a death of a thousand cuts?

The Larkhill Barrow: A pounding terror has been called up out of Salisbury Plain ººº! an ancient darkness that will haunt your dreams.

The Sisters of Mercy: Battle hardened old soldiers lie sick abed in fear for their souls. Only someone with intimate knowledge of the powers of darkness can help them.

The Hellfire Mirror: The rituals of an infamous club have left their mark on a mirror ººº! leading Carnacki into a fight to stop his own home from being overrun with the forces of darkness.

The Beast of Glamys: Danger to the daughter of a Scottish Lord leads Carnacki to a remote castle ººº! and the uncovering of the secret behind a legend that has persisted for centuries.

The Tomb of Pygea: Something serpentine whispers in the dark under Admiralty Arch ººº! and only Carnacki has the skills ººº! and the nerve ººº! to descend ººº! and to listen.

The Lusitania: A cruise ship is berthed in Liverpool ººº! deserted by passengers and crew ººº! stuck in port until Carnacki can remove the cause of their terror ººº! apparitions of disaster and shipwreck

The Haunted Oak: Ghosts of the recent dead walk beneath its spreading boughs and the Church needs Carnacki's expertise. But some things are best left to take their course -- natural ººº! or supernatural.

The Shoreditch Worm: When one of the churches of London changes its chimes ººº! something old starts to wake. Can Carnacki stop it before it is too late?

The Dark Island: Carnacki uncovers a gateway to a dark realm of magic and myth ººº! where the far future of our planet can be touched and seen ººº! if a man has the stomach for it.

Meet Carnacki: Ghosthunter.

"William Meikle does a stand up job here ººº! of capturing the tone of the original stories. He falls naturally into the more formal language of the period ººº! without making it any less easy to read." - The British Fantasy Society

Dieses Buch ist bei Amazon KOSTENLOS.

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