Demon Princess Magical Chaos: Volume 2 – Academy Days (English Edition)

Demon Princess Magical Chaos: Volume 2 - Academy Days (English Edition) ist ein kostenlos herunterladbares Buch in EPUB, PDF und MOBI von Autor J.J. Pavlov

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Demon Princess Magical Chaos: Volume 2 - Academy Days (English Edition)

Back to school.

Kuroe Makoto ººº! now known as Chaos to demons and Chloe Marcott to humans ººº! never thought that in a fantasy world filled with sword and sorcery ººº! she would attend school once more. But her fake human heart beats faster at the fact that this is a magic school - the kind she has read about in many stories. The prospect of learning spells and meeting new and interesting people has her unexpectedly looking forward to sitting in a classroom even when she could be going adventuring with her party of humans.
However ººº! with every new venture come new dangers ººº! with new friends come new enemies. Her enrolment at the Royal Academy in the capital city Kongenssoevn isn't as smooth as she would have liked ººº! and many more surprises lie in store for her even on the very first day.
Academy Days is the second volume of the Demon Princess Magical Chaos series. In this long-awaited continuation of the story featuring the lovable Cosmic Horror protagonist ººº! she does what she was always meant to do - fulfill her destiny as a tentacle monster and extend her appendages towards school girls ººº! even if they aren't Japanese.
Once again ººº! join Chaos as she attends a magic school where she makes new friends ººº! uncovers a buried mystery ººº! and discovers a threat that may completely change the course of her future.
CONTENT WARNING: Gore ººº! Traumatizing Content ººº! Explicit Sexual Content

This is the second volume of a series of eight books.

Reader thoughts on volume 1:
"I'm a huge fan of the reincarnation and gamelit series and this one really stood above the rest." ★★★★★
"It's rare to find such a heartwarming story around such an evil premise." ★★★★★
"My only disappointment was that there wasn't already a sequel out so I could continue to follow the adventures of Chaos." ★★★★★

Dieses Buch ist bei Amazon KOSTENLOS.

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