The Elven King’s Captive (Fated Elves Book 1) (English Edition)

The Elven King's Captive (Fated Elves Book 1) (English Edition) ist ein kostenlos herunterladbares Buch in EPUB, PDF und MOBI von Autor Devon Vesper

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The Elven King's Captive (Fated Elves Book 1) (English Edition)

An omega elven king is shocked to discover his alpha... is a human construction worker?

When Dustin stumbles into Casersis and touches his magic amulet ººº! Dustin’s hint of elven blood starts a magical chain reaction that puts him in mortal danger. The amulet’s power begins to rewrite his DNA from human to elf ººº! and if humanity finds out ººº! he’ll become a science experiment at best. But when Casersis senses the change ººº! his first instinct is to hold Dustin captive.

Casersis wants his young alpha to be safe and loved while he undergoes his magical change. Exiled from his home and throne by his son ººº! and now a billionaire corporation owner ººº! when Casersis issues commands ººº! his people fall in line. But Dustin is so independent that Casersis doesn’t know how to hold onto him without suffocating his new lover.

Can Casersis keep Dustin safe by holding him against his will? Or will the threat of captivity erase the bond of trust they had just begun to form?

This 73 ººº!000-word non-shifter omegaverse novel is set in a world where mpreg (male pregnancy) is a fact of life. However ººº! this series does not end with a baby or pregnancy.

Tags: Omegaverse ººº! non-mpreg ººº! non-shifter ººº! younger alpha ººº! older omega ººº! like so much older ººº! like a few million years older ººº! what is it with me and age gap? ººº! former king is a selfish idiot ººº! his alpha still loves him ººº! Casersis constantly exasperates Dustin ººº! Dustin wants to throttle him ººº! fantastic sex ººº! Dustin loves dining on his omega’s slick ººº! rimming ººº! Casersis is clueless ººº! Dustin has the Clue-by-Four ººº! it takes repeated smacks ººº! like ººº! many smacks ººº! Casersis should be dead with all the smacks ººº! Dustin is a saint ººº! Casersis is a spoiled turd ººº! Dustin is magically turning into an elf ººº! forced proximity ººº! rags to riches ººº! Dustin is a former construction worker ººº! Casersis is a former elven king ººº! Casersis is also a multi-billionaire ººº! Casersis tries to give Dustin everything to try and entice him to want to stay ººº! Dustin is not amused ººº! soulbonding ººº! fated mates ººº! mages ººº! magic ººº! loveable idiots.

Dieses Buch ist bei Amazon KOSTENLOS.

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