Jane Knight Rogue Officer: Jane Knight Series Book 1 (English Edition)

Jane Knight Rogue Officer: Jane Knight Series Book 1 (English Edition) ist ein kostenlos herunterladbares Buch in EPUB, PDF und MOBI von Autor Leon M A Edwards

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Jane Knight Rogue Officer: Jane Knight Series Book 1 (English Edition)

‘Jane Knight Rogue Officer’ is an action & adventure with occasional and infrequent erotic steamy scenes. Motor bike chases ººº! fight scenes ººº! explosions ººº! drowning ººº! exotic locations and erotic steamy romance. All in a day’s work for our newly recruited female spy.

Excerpt of book

He looks at his glass as if he is about to give me disappointment ººº! ‘Well ººº! that is a problem. Hence why I had someone come here.’

I want him to cut to the chase ººº! ‘Talk to me.’

He gazes at his glass of dark rum ººº! ‘My father is dead and I am to take over the family business. When checking over the finances ººº! I came across a file. Vladimir was a part of the list. It was then I put two and two together. The same list is on my executive account at the bank. I think my employer is in bed with an underworld organisation.’

I do not sympathise and specifically say ººº! ‘I was told to pick up documents to support illegal trade. Something like goods received notes. The description of the materials will indicate if they can be used in weapons.’

He sits back in the sofa and sighs ººº! ‘I think it is bigger than that ººº! Jane. The names were not generic. There were names I could associate as being influential.’

I go to sit next to him again and ask ººº! ‘So ººº! where do you have the information in here?’

Ivor is still slouched back in the sofa ººº! looking drunk ººº! ‘It is held on a server. You will need a USB. The data is big.

So… I am thinking a hard drive.’

I ignore what he said and focus on the ‘you’. ‘What do you mean ººº! “you”? We are going together to get the information.’

Ivor smiles and points at himself ººº! then laughs ººº! ‘The servers are not at my company or the bank. I only get remote access. I cannot go back to the bank. I was almost killed. That is why I fled here. I am planning to head to Montenegro. Our head office is there.’

I close my eyes when the penny drops ººº! ‘That is why you came here. Your employers do not know you are not coming back.’

He nods his head ººº! ‘Yes.’

I am now deflated ººº! and continue ººº! ‘So where is the server that the data is stored on?’

He raises his eyebrows and goes to take a swig of his drink ººº! ‘Nice.’

I am intrigued ººº! ‘Tell me more about the data.’

He sits upright and gathers his thoughts ººº! ‘They are rich beyond your dreams. Mingle with high society and politics. Some are billionaires… Jane ººº! you are dealing with people similar to Vladimir. This is not Downton Abbey. Think of it like Dynasty or Dallas. Ruthless ººº! calculating and they will do anything for a quick buck.’

I look at him with amazement at what he is telling me ººº! ‘What lengths have they gone to so far and when did they form?’

He looks at me with serious eyes now. ‘Think of Brexit ººº! Berlin Wall. They date back to World War One. Now you know the scale.’

I am open-mouthed ººº! ‘How do you know all this?’

He looks sad when he says ººº! ‘My father was dying. I was at his bedside when a man came to the house. He wanted me to take over from my father. I didn’t know who he was or what he meant. I asked who he was and he told me. It was Vladimir. He was matter-of-fact ººº! as though it was normal. It was from then that I started looking into him and then reported him and the bank to the authorities. It is how I met your boss.’

I give a quizzical look ººº! ‘Where can I find these people?’

He chuckles to himself ººº! ‘They are in plain sight. Think of them as Freemasons.’

Jane Knight Rogue Officer is the tense first book in the Jane Knight action-adventure series/ erotic steamy romance. If you like capable women ººº! damaged heroes ººº! and edge-of-your-seat suspense ººº! then you’ll love Leon M A Edwards’s thrill-packed fictionalization of real events.

Buy Jane Knight Rogue Officer to find out if she can bring Vladimir to justice and expose an underworld organisation today!

Dieses Buch ist bei Amazon KOSTENLOS.

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