Life In the UK Test 2021: 20 Interactive Practice Tests (English Edition)

Life In the UK Test 2021: 20 Interactive Practice Tests (English Edition) ist ein kostenlos herunterladbares Buch in EPUB, PDF und MOBI von Autor George Crossley

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Life In the UK Test 2021: 20 Interactive Practice Tests (English Edition)

This book contains 20 Interactive tests covering the official material.

Example questions

Question 1

Why was the Habeas Corpus Act (1679) so important?

AIt limited the power of the monarch

BIt guaranteed that no one could be held prisoner unlawfully

CIt gave women the right to vote

DIt gave women their property rights

Question 2

What did R. A. Butler introduce in the UK?

AFree primary education in England and Wales

BFree secondary education in England

CFree secondary education in England and Wales

DFree primary education in England

Question 3

What were James II’s supporters known as?





Question 4

Who was the monarch when the Book of Common Prayer was written to be used in the Church of England?


BKing Richard III

CHenry VII

DEdward VI

Question 5

When were the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms established in England?

Aby AD 410

Bby AD 550

Cby AD 500

Dby AD 600

Question 6

After the Emancipation Act ººº! how many Indian and Chinese workers were employed to replace the slaves?

A2.6 million

B2 million

C1 million

D1.4 million

Question 7

What is the origin of Parliament?

AThe Church's system of governance

BThe King's council of advisers

CThe Knights' round table

DThe Noblemen's council of governance

Question 8

What is the name given to the conflict between those wishing for full Irish independence and those wishing to remain loyal to the UK government?

AThe Uprisings

BThe Rising

Cthe Great Depression

Dthe Troubles

Question 9

The leader of the opposition appoints senior opposition MPs to be what?

AChancellor of the Exchequer

BHome Secretary

CShadow Ministers

DLocal Councilors

Question 10

Where are the more serious civil cases dealt with in Scotland?

ACourt of Session in Edinburgh

BSheriff Court

CHigh Court

DPeace Courts

Dieses Buch ist bei Amazon KOSTENLOS.

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