Now In November (English Edition)

Now In November (English Edition) ist ein kostenlos herunterladbares Buch in EPUB, PDF und MOBI von Autor Josephine Johnson

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Now In November (English Edition)

Now in November I can see our years as a whole. This autumn is like both an end and a beginning to our lives ººº! and those days which seemed confused with the blur of all things too near and too familiar are clear and strange now.

Forced out of the city by the Depression ººº! Arnold Haldmarne moves his wife and three daughters to the country and tries to scratch a living from the land. After years of unrelenting hard work ººº! the hiring of a young man from a neighbouring farm upsets the fragile balance of their lives. And in the summer ººº! the rains fail to come.

Dieses Buch ist bei Amazon KOSTENLOS.

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