The Sadist’s Bible (English Edition)

The Sadist's Bible (English Edition) ist ein kostenlos herunterladbares Buch in EPUB, PDF und MOBI von Autor Nicole Cushing

Dieses Buch ist bei Amazon KOSTENLOS.

The Sadist's Bible (English Edition)

What is Heaven? What is Hell?

Ellie lives with the fear that she is an abomination. An affront to God. If her Bible Belt community were to ever discover Ellie’s desires for the intimate touch of a woman ººº! then her husband ººº! pastor ººº! friends and neighbors would all despise and shun her. But by way of the world wide web Ellie finds a kindred spirit in Lori Morris–a beautiful young woman with a hideous secret. Brought together by their lust ººº! their shame ººº! and a shared sense of hopelessness ººº! Ellie and Lori agree to end their lives in a single night of sex ººº! torture ººº! depravity ººº! and finally suicide in a luxurious hotel.

But Lori has another agenda: to escape an oppressive force that could be God ººº! or possibly the Devil. In truth ººº! He’s something far ººº! far worse.

Just remember: He wants us broken

Dieses Buch ist bei Amazon KOSTENLOS.

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