Scions of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure in the Oriceran Universe (English Edition)

Scions of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure in the Oriceran Universe (English Edition) ist ein kostenlos herunterladbares Buch in EPUB, PDF und MOBI von Autor TR Cameron

Dieses Buch ist bei Amazon KOSTENLOS.

Scions of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure in the Oriceran Universe (English Edition)

Justice in New Orleans has a new champion and she’s packing magic. Meet Cali ººº! a not so average college student and her crew.

Get the complete series ººº! all 8 books ººº! in one GIANT boxed set today!

Magic Street Boogie:

A mysterious stranger ººº! a mild-mannered Dwarven bartender and the magical creature who’s adopted her.

Cali had life all figured out till three revelations change everything.

One. An escaped prisoner shows her the underbelly of her city.

Two. She discovers the secret her murdered parents hid about her magic.

Three. Two competing gangs target her and her friends.

Is her band of magical outsiders enough to keep New Orleans safe? Just how weird can magic get in the old French Quarter?

It’s up to Cali to keep the underground tensions from blowing up while she eludes the detective who’s got a suspicious eye on her.

Mystical Alley Groove:

Cali and her magical lizard ººº! Fyre are caught in the crosshairs of two different sets of enemies.

Can she get out from under one without upsetting them both? Probably not.

Eyes are watching them ººº! and not all of them human. Not to mention her trouble with renegade gangs and their random attacks.

The city’s magical council is precious little help ººº! leaving her to handle things on her own ººº! as usual.

Fyre has adopted her and decided to take certain matters into his own claws ººº! creating chaos. Can the cops be far behind?

Just a month ago her biggest challenge was not slapping annoying customers at the Drunken Dragons Tavern. Good times.

And now her guardian gives her the weirdest birthday present of all: The knowledge that her parents left her a legacy ººº! and it’s time for her to claim it.

Bewitched Avenue Shuffle:

More magic ººº! more problems ººº! more chances to get it right. 

Cali and her bonded dragon-lizard Fyre are stuck fighting members of a gang from Atlantis.

Her parents left behind mysteries that could change her destiny.

But figuring out what they mean is downright irritating. A win just means another battle. A loss could be deadly.

What would you do?

Tanyith’s off investigating his ex-girlfriend’s missing friend. Awkward much?

It has to be done. The stakes are rising all around them. A new batch of drugs is tilting the battle between the Zatoras and the Atlanteans ººº! ratcheting up the risk for everyone in New Orleans.

Not to mention the danger that comes with an angry twelve-story high Kaiju.

Secrets will be revealed ººº! new threats will emerge. Will Cali finally cave to the pressure and visit the Gnomish magical library?

The Scions of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set includes:

  1. Magic Street Boogie
  2. Mystical Alley Groove
  3. Bewitched Avenue Shuffle
  4. Bermuda Triangle Blues
  5. Spell Street Swing
  6. Sorcerer’s Waltz
  7. Enchanted Twist
  8. The Last Dance

For magic ººº! mystery ººº! martial arts ººº! and all the mayhem a canine-sized dragon can bring ººº! join the dance right away!

Dieses Buch ist bei Amazon KOSTENLOS.

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