Her Soul to Take (Souls Trilogy) (English Edition)

Her Soul to Take (Souls Trilogy) (English Edition) ist ein kostenlos herunterladbares Buch in EPUB, PDF und MOBI von Autor Harley Laroux

Dieses Buch ist bei Amazon KOSTENLOS.

Her Soul to Take (Souls Trilogy) (English Edition)

Leon I earned my reputation among magicians for a reason: one wrong move and you're dead. Killer ººº! they called me ººº! and killing is what I'm best at. Except her. The one I was supposed to take ººº! the one I should have killed - I didn't. The cult that once controlled me wants her ººº! and I'm not about to lose my new toy to them.

Rae I've always believed in the supernatural. Hunting for ghosts is my passion ººº! but summoning a demon was never part of the plan. Monsters are roaming the woods ººº! and something ancient - something evil - is waking up and calling my name. I don't know who I can trust ººº! or how deep this darkness goes. All I know is my one shot at survival is the demon stalking me ººº! and he doesn't just want my body - he wants my soul.

Her Soul to Take is book 1 in the Souls Trilogy. Although all the books are interconnected ººº! they are stand-alone and can be read in any order.

Content Note
This book contains sexual scenes ººº! kink/fetish content ººº! horror elements ººº! drug use ººº! and depictions of hard kink/edgeplay. Please see the book preview for complete CW.

Dieses Buch ist bei Amazon KOSTENLOS.

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